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How to Mentally Prepare for a Happy Retirement

Are you recently retired or about to retire soon? This should be a wonderful time in your life. You should definitely feel a sense of accomplishment after a lifetime of hard work. Gone are the days of work-related stress. Gone are the work place politics. You can finally spend more time with family, travel, start new hobbies or perfect existing ones. These are just some of the benefits of being retired.

But if you’re like many of my friends and neighbors who had retirement bestowed upon them before they were emotionally and mentally ready, you may be feeling a sense of loss. Continue reading


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How I Battled My Summertime Head Cold – and Won!

It came as quite a surprise, but I recently caught a nasty head cold. The common cold is something nearly everyone gets from time to time. For some, it could be as often as several times a year. For me, it’s more like once every 3 years. But when I do get a cold, I usually get brought to my knees. And as I sit writing this, I am at the tail end of a cold. Still a bit of mucus buildup in my sinuses, along with post nasal drip. Other than that, I am well on my way to putting this cold behind me.

Now, you may be thinking one of two things after reading that colds knock me out.
1) She has a low tolerance level for sickness, or 2) She’s so unhealthy she can’t fight a cold.
Continue reading

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Worrying is Unhealthy – What You Should Do Instead

Are you a worry-monger? Does worrying consume you and your life?

We all have circumstances that arise in our lives that are upsetting, tragic, challenging, frustrating, or irritating. And such circumstances can definitely be cause for concern.

How well do you think you deal with times like these? Are you worrying for no good reason?

Some people worry because they let anxiety get the better of them. Some think that if they don’t worry, it means they don’t care. And I’m sure there are many more reasons people tend to worry. Continue reading


Is Counting Calories the Best Way to Lose Weight?

Have you ever tried to lose weight by counting calories? Was it a bit frustrating or confusing? It was for me. Years ago I believed that all I had to do to keep my weight down was limit my calorie intake. I thought I could occasionally forgo the burger or salad and go straight to a bowl of ice cream. My reasoning went like this: I’d get fewer calories because I was skipping the burger. And ice cream has some redeeming values, doesn’t it? Dairy has protein. And if I put peanuts on top, I’d get extra protein and fiber. A little chocolate syrup and I’d be getting some anti-oxidants!

Does any of this sound like reasoning you’ve used? Continue reading


Move Past the Negative Emotions – Learn How to Forgive

Lifestyles are as diverse and individual as we are. There is no one-size-fits-all diet. There is no single right way to deal with stress. And our faiths and belief systems vary dramatically among us. Despite differences in our lifestyles, there are some things that are universally good or bad for us. Holding on to negative emotions is not good for our health. Dealing with relationships and handling the ups and downs in our lives in a healthy, mature way is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Where we sometimes differ is in our perspective – our values and beliefs are our driving force.

In this article, my very special guest contributor, Janna Mehlberg, shares her personal insights and thoughts on negative feelings and forgiveness. Continue reading

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Are You Using Your Age as an Excuse?

I hear it all the time – “Oh, [fill-in-the-blank] disease/condition is just a normal part of aging.” If that were true, wouldn’t every living person have the same health issues?

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to age faster than others? Why do some people look older or younger than they actually are? Why do some people have so many health issues as they age while others are relatively healthy? Is it normal to get heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure, or Alzheimers? No. It’s not age, it’s diet and lifestyle.

The good news is that disease is not an inevitable fact of life. You can do something to reduce your chances. It’s all about living a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading


7 Ways Lemon Water is Good for Your Health

Are you properly hydrated? Do you drink plenty of water throughout the day? What about lemon water? How is that different from plain water?

Water is the most essential element on this earth for our survival, aside from air. We absolutely cannot live without it.  Continue reading